Are Community Gardens the Most Valuable Tool in the Food Access Toolkit?

Over the past few years there has been a surge of interest in addressing the long-standing issue of food equity. Locally many food, hunger, and agricultural organizations have worked hard to advance access to fresh, healthy, affordable food across the region.

Sustainable Long Island has conducted studies and surveys, released reports and mapping projects, and […]

Help Long Island Feed Itself Better (Newsday Opinion)

♦ Make sure LI can remain a food producer: Long Island mustn’t forget farms and food sources that nourish people and the economy.

Food on Long Island is at a crossroads. We have a diverse population offering an array of international cuisines, a history rich in farming and fishing, and a burgeoning movement to promote […]

Engel: Support Environmental Justice (LIBN)

♦ Sustainable Long Island’s column in this week’s Long Island Business News:

On Long Island, there is constant concern in many communities about numerous environmental issues and the quality of life for residents. Over time, different projects and initiatives have tried to combat this issue with varying degrees of success and failure.

As different planning […]

Newsday Letter to the Editor: Historic Jericho house gets 2nd rain garden

♦ Sustainable Long Island was excited to read about the rain garden coming to the Malcolm House in Jericho (Historic Jericho house gets 2nd rain garden – 8/20/12) as it is not only an inexpensive way to filter runoff pollution and recharge local groundwater, but represents a broader strategy in how we are rethinking ways […]

Everyone can participate in sustainability (LIBN Column)

With the Sixth Annual Sustainability Conference one week away, Sustainable Long Island’s Executive Director Amy Engel penned an article in the latest issue of the Long Island Business News on the many facets of sustainability. This topic will be the overall focus at next week’s conference. Take a look:


Letter: Food deserts exist on LI (Newsday)

Last week, Newsday columnist Daniel Akst penned a piece about food deserts being nothing more than “a mirage.” Sustainable Long Island’s response to the column, which was featured in Newsday’s Sunday Letters, is included below followed by the original article.


Sustainable Long Island’s 2012 Wish

♦ This past Sunday, Newsday’s editorial page published its wish list for leaders in 2012: Nurture Long Island’s economy, make progress in Congress, and contain the federal budget, among other goals. Newsday invited readers to submit their ideas for a better 2012. Along with residents across Long Island, as well as elected officials and civic […]

We’re headed in the right direction (LIBN Column)

♦ Take a look at Sustainable Long Island Executive Director Amy Engel’s opinion piece in the Long Island Business News this week on Long Island’s step in the right direction.


Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? (New York Times Letter to the Editor)

♦ Op-ed Columnist and renowned food writer Mark Bittman recently wrote a piece in the New York Times about the cost, health, and availability of junk food v. healthy food. Read the full column here and see Sustainable Long Island’s submitted letter to the editor below.


Vacant Auto Dealerships: Opportunities for Revitalization (Networking Column)

♦ Read on for Sustainable Long Island Board President Ruth Negron-Gaines’ column in this month’s Networking Magazine on revitalizing vacant auto dealerships on Long Island: