Richard Keiser

richard_keiserRichard Keiser is the founder and CEO of Level Solar. Level Solar is a leading residential solar installer. Level Solar helps homeowners save money and reduce their environmental footprint for no money down.

Prior to founding Level Solar, Richard led Keiser Analytics, an investment and research firm focused on solar energy. In 2011, Mr. Keiser published a landmark analysis of the United States solar market; the first analysis to provide a rigorous economic evaluation of the potential for solar energy in the United States. This analysis was widely referenced in Bloomberg, Forbes, The Financial Times, and solar industry publications around the world.

Mr. Keiser previously worked for eight years at Sanford Bernstein, where he was a Senior Analyst and led the Technology Strategy research. At Sanford Bernstein, he analyzed disruptive technologies to understand how new markets would develop, and used this knowledge to help portfolio and hedge fund managers outperform. In 2005, Mr. Keiser was awarded the Sanford C. Bernstein Royal Reach Award for outstanding contributions to research. Mr. Keiser began his career as a management consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton. He holds two patents in computer hardware and software design. He is a graduate of MIT.