Bethpage is in business

Bethpage is a hamlet within the Town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County with a population just under 17,000. The downtown Bethpage area is generally very walkable. According to the latest data estimates from Nielsen Claritas, 4,289 persons reside within a half mile – a comfortable walking distance – from the downtown. This includes a large population of senior residents to the immediate northeast of the downtown core. An additional 10,000 persons live within one-mile from the downtown. There are a significant large number of employers in the area and 11,000 persons are employed within the immediate community of Bethpage, with many employed at the nearby Bethpage Business Park and Cablevision Corporation at the former headquarters of the Grumman Corporation. Countless others commute to and from the Bethpage LIRR station every day.

Currently, Bethpage is undergoing a downtown revitalization project. The key goal of this downtown revitalization project is to provide the community of Bethpage with the tools to attract and maintain economically viable businesses in the downtown. The project core is the input to be received from key stakeholders in the community as well as from commuters that utilize the Bethpage station and local officials. The market study will identify the strengths of the community to build upon and in doing so, a niche that can be developed and implemented. As parking is a dominant feature of the landscape, and yet complaints of limited parking are common, a parking study is included to understand how the parking is used in the study area, where underutilized parking may be improved and how parking may be better managed to support economic growth in the downtown. The product of these efforts will be recommendations for the community to pursue in improving connections and parking availability for customers, improved pedestrian safety, and a plan for realizing the goal of creating a successful and vital downtown area.

The steering committee undertaking the project consists of Nassau County, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis, Nelson & Pope, Engineers & Land Surveyors, and Sustainable Long Island. More information on this exciting project, including timeline and next steps, and more ways to get involved can be found on the project website at