Sustainability – Start Somewhere

Sustainability – a much-used term defined as the using of our resources without depleting or damaging them. It incorporates elements of the environment, the economy, and social equity. It’s made up of a handful of principles that supply basic guidelines on how to become and stay “green,” such as:

  • Reducing dependence of fossil fuels and synthetic gases
  • Increasing environmental protection
  • Ensuring everyone has access to their most fundamental needs

Each of these elements of sustainability is vitally important, yet sometimes can feel a bit overwhelming to the mass public. So the question is, how can the average person get involved and truly make a difference?

The answer goes hand-in-hand with the “Think Globally, Act Locally” trend; the belief that creating big ideas on a grand-scheme can be translated to success on a smaller local level. That’s why Sustainable Long Island has launched a “Start Somewhere” campaign, where Long Islanders can view and add-to a list of projects, methods, techniques, and processes we can all partake in to start moving toward a sustainable future.

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Want to feed the world? 

  • Start here: Help organize a local farmer’s market or community garden in your downtown, providing access to fresh fruit and vegetables to those who need it the most.

Want to fix the struggling economy?

  • Start by: Shopping at a local store or market where your purchases can stimulate local business.

Want to put a stop to global warming?

  • Start off: Biking to work, walking to a friend’s house, and using more public transportation to reduce vehicle emissions.

Feel strongly about water quality and conservation? 

  • Start by: Taking shorter showers, planting a raingarden, and disposing of waste properly – not into our storm drains.

Wish that everyone was energy efficient?

  • Start off: Shutting off common household devices when not in use will conserve a significant amount of power – computers, TV’s, DVD players, microwaves, coffee pots, and more.

Paper or plastic?

  • Start here: Try choosing the third option – reusable bags. If you can’t use a bag that is reusable, be sure to reuse and recycle the paper or plastic.

Hate wasting that leftover food after a meal or snack?

  • Start by: Composting your fruit and vegetable scaps can create nutrient-rich soil for your yard and garden, rather than adding to a heavy garbage can.

Want to not only see the change, but be the change?

  • Start off: Volunteering in your community can not only strengthen your neighborhood, but provide an opportunity to gain experience, leadership, and new friends.

Start Somewhere – Start Today