Rethink. Rebuild. Renew.

Sustainable Long Island is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance economic development, environmental health, and social equity for all Long Islanders.

As a catalyst and facilitator of community planning, Sustainable Long Island works across the region with leaders and residents of Nassau and Suffolk County for the betterment of all Long Islanders.


Over the last 60 years, Long Island was built and matured without adequate planning, leaving an aftermath of suburban sprawl, fragmented transportation systems, depleting natural resources, segregated neighborhoods and schools, a lack of access to affordable goods and housing, and deteriorating downtowns.

To address these needs, Sustainable Long Island works each day to advance sustainable development — community and regional planning that integrates current and future needs for:

  • Economic Development: promoting economic growth, specifically in low-to-moderate income communities
  • Environmental Health: pursuing sustainable uses of resources and remedying negatively impacted areas
  • Social Equity: advocating for equal opportunities, fair treatment, and meaningful involvement

Sustainable Long Island partners with all community stakeholders, to empower our most distressed communities, the ones that are left out in times of prosperity and are hit hardest in times of decline, to demand that they have access to:

  • A thriving economy
  • A healthy environment
  • Viable transportation methods
  • Clean land, water and air
  • A racially and ethnically diverse population
  • Parks, community centers, and recreational opportunities
  • A range of housing options
  • Vibrant downtowns
  • Safe streets & neighborhoods
  • Quality & affordable food
  • Employment opportunities and well-paying jobs

From the bottom-up, Sustainable Long Island works with the people who live in our neighborhoods — residents of all ages, community and business leaders, local philanthropists, environmentalists, real-estate representatives — coming together over shared concern for their community to develop new solutions. From the top-down, we work with public officials and other leaders to change policy and identify resources at the village, town, county and state levels to achieve those solutions.

Once all parties are brought to the table, we facilitate, execute, and implement a unique community planning process that engages stakeholders in a dialogue about the future of their community. Together, these partners identify responsible local solutions to strengthen quality of life for all residents.

Today, Sustainable Long Island has facilitated downtown revitalization efforts in nearly two dozen communities, advised elected officials at all levels, linked millions of dollars in investment with areas in need, and emerged as the regional leader in the efforts to redevelop Long Island’s brownfields and identify solutions to Long Island’s food access issues.

Sustainable Long Island’s overarching approach:

  • Facilitate and implement community planning processes and projects that engage and empower community stakeholders and empower Long Islanders.
  • Raise awareness and advocate for policy decisions which positively influence the future of Long Island’s economy, environment, and equity.
  • Provide insight and access to information and resources to equip Long Islanders with tools necessary to foster meaningful change