Town of Islip LWRP

Recent Updates

Update as of July 2016: the LWRP documents have been drafted and are currently under review by the NYS Department of State. Please check back for further updates and thank you for your interest in this important program.

To help capture important information in an efficient manner from a broad array of participants, the Town of Islip Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) Project Team conducted a survey of residents, business owners, workers, and visitors in Sayville, Bayport and West Sayville. The survey was active from December 2014- May 2015, and was primarily available online, although to maximize participation paper copies and collection boxes were placed at the Sayville and Bayport public libraries.

Click here for the Community Survey Summary and Analysis

The Second Public Engagement meeting was held on Wednesday June 3. Over 60 local residents in attendance shared their input on some of the proposed projects to be included in the final LWRP document. For those unable to attend the meeting, please see below for various meeting materials. You can also provide feedback through with the subject line “Islip LWRP”

6.3.15 Town of Islip LWRP_Project Fact Sheet

6.3.15 Town of Islip LWRP_Second PE Meeting Exit Survey

6.3.15 Town of Islip LWRP_Second PE Meeting Boards

6.3.15 Town of Islip LWRP_Issues and Opportunities Map


The Town of Islip Local Waterfront Revitalization Program held its first Public Engagement Meeting for the coastal areas of Bayport, Sayville, and West Sayville on Tuesday, February 24, 2015. Over 130 attendees provided feedback on priorities and opportunities for the coastal area.

Click HERE for the 2.24.15 Public Engagement Meeting Summary & Analysis

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Below please see the results of a word cloud activity, a vision for the future of the coastal community. This word cloud helps define the communities’ priorities for the future of the coastal areas. Larger words were used more frequently in the activity and reflect a stronger core importance from the meeting’s attendees as a whole.


Project Overview

The Town of Islip was awarded a grant through New York State Department of State to complete a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) for the hamlets of Bayport, Sayville, and West Sayville. An LWRP identifies opportunities and constraints for revitalization.

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis, LLC (NP&V), and Sustainable Long Island were chosen by the Town of Islip through a competitive RFP process. Working with NP&V, Sustainable Long Island will assist the Town by completing a comprehensive analysis evaluating issues currently impacting these hamlets and other potential scenarios that may affect the waterfront and/or water quality.Town of Islip

Over the course of the next year, NP&V and Sustainable Long Island will host three public engagement meetings to glean feedback from local stakeholders about their vision for a thriving coastal community.

The LWRP study area includes commercial and public waterfront properties in Sayville, and West Sayville located south of Montauk Highway and south of Middle Road in Bayport.


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About Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs

An LWRP is a vision for the future for the waterfront, and the area immediately surrounding the waterfront, which establishes local policies and outlines the implementation techniques it will use to achieve that vision.

An LWRP includes strategies for addressing key waterfront issues:

  • Enhance access.
  • Protect water and environmental quality.
  • Encourage sustainable waterfront development.
  • Identify specific projects, programs and actions to implement the community’s vision.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program benefits include:

  • Increasing a community’s ability to attract appropriate development.
  • Increasing a community’s chances to obtain public and private funding for projects.
  • Establishing long-term partnerships among local government, community based organizations, and agencies.
  • A land and water use plan and a strategy to implement the plan.
  • Providing actions that can be taken to protect and improve water quality, waterfront resources, and ensure access to the water for all community residents.

Project Purpose

The Town of Islip’s LWRP will be developed with substantial community input and will result in a document which reflects the community’s vision and the Town of Islip’s priorities for land and water use in the LWRP area.

The purpose of the proposed LWRP is to establish land use recommendations, strike a balance between commercial and residential interests, preserve the coastal heritage, and explore cultural and civic projects to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of the maritime areas.

The LWRP will utilize the findings and recommendations of previous planning documents and will arrive at a series of coastal policies and actions for implementation, which will allow the Town of Islip to achieve its vision for the coastal area.

For questions please contact the Town of Islip Planning Department at (631) 224-5450.