Seeking a Shared Vision for Roosevelt

R1At one time, Roosevelt embodied the qualities of a vibrant, successful, proud community. After falling on hard times, Roosevelt soon struggled with a dark image and an outside perception of negativity. Thanks to Sustainable Long Island’s involvement, a starting point was identified where Roosevelt residents began to take their community back.

In 2002, Sustainable Long Island facilitated a community visioning process called “Seeking a Shared Vision for Roosevelt” that sought to revitalize the Nassau Road corridor in Roosevelt’s downtown. The visioning process convened hundreds of stakeholders, in partnership Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead, to identify goals and build a consensus in achieving a workable vision and solutions for revitalization Roosevelt’s central business district.




Following multiple focus group meetings, workshops, and presentations, Sustainable Long Island wrote a community revitalization and economic development plan for Roosevelt, identifying 15 brownfields along the main commercial corridor. Soon after, Sustainable Long Island brought together the Roosevelt Community Revitalization Group (RCRG) to represent the diverse concerns of all Roosevelt residents moving forward. Over the years and with the partnership of local community leaders, Sustainable Long Island:

  • Organized over 100 volunteers to construct a new playground at the Washington Rose Elementary School, one of the projects identified in the community vision plan, which took three days to build and was designed by local youth.
  • Facilitated the beautification of Nassau Road with the addition of a “Welcome to Roosevelt” sign, brick sidewalks, and community clock across from the Roosevelt Post Office.
  • Supported RCRG as they received funding from the Hagedorn Foundation to build a green-energy, financially sustainable building with a commercial anchor and nonprofit shared space.
  • Launched a community-based, youth-staffed famers’ market, providing access to fresh, affordable, local produce to low-income residents by accepting FMNP and Food Stamps.

Roosevelt Plan