Committed to redevelopment

In 2010, then Town of Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone responded to the need for comprehensive redevelopment at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Great Neck Road by spearheading the North Amityville revitalization process. NA2 To address this area of concern, Sustainable Long Island partnered with the Town to facilitate a community planning process – engaging North Amityville residents and business owners in the decisions made about the future of the study area.  The goals of this visioning process were to ensure public participation in the revitalization of the intersection and explore the potential for redevelopment as a mixed-use district.  Through a series of community and stakeholder meetings the North Amityville Vision Plan was created.

In early 2010, Sustainable Long Island introduced planning concepts regarding the strategies used to make a vibrant place and facilitated an interactive visioning exercise to determine what amenities and services the community members wanted at the intersection of Albany Avenue and Great Neck Road. Through this exercise, residents identified a desire to:

  • Reintroduce a variety of commercial businesses
  • Enhance the local community through culture and arts
  • Improve mobility at the intersection
  • Create a beautiful, well-maintained community

Simultaneously, Sustainable Long Island engaged the young adults present at the meeting in a youth design charrette, which opened a dialogue about the elements of a vital neighborhood center and which amenities the participants wanted to see in their own community. These visions, along with conceptual designs (created by city planner and architectural designer Jeff Speck) and strategies for the redevelopment of the intersection as a mixed-use district, were incorporated into the North Amityville Vision Plan.


The plan was adopted by the Town board in later 2010 and a developer was chosen in 2013. After some initial concern, the developer has agreed to abide by the vision plan that favored tenants such as a grocery store or medical offices. The Town and the Office of Downtown Revitalization continue to work with toward implementation and community members are eager to see the process move forward in a positive matter.