Huntington Station Brownfield Opportunity Area Program (Step 2)

The NYS BOA Program, administered by the NYS Department of State, was designed to help communities initiate redevelopment and transform contaminated properties and properties perceived as contaminated into productive spaces while restoring environmental health. The revitalization efforts enabled by the BOA Program are driven by community engagement, and provide developers with the assurance required to speed reuse.  The BOA Program encourages area-wide brownfield redevelopment, emphasizing the collective impact of remediating multiple sites with actual or perceived contamination. This program provides municipalities and community-based organizations with 1) resources to address local brownfields through an area-wide approach, 2) access to expert environmental and economic analyses, and 3) environmental site assessment and other implementation assistance for strategic redevelopment parcels.

Huntington Station BOA:

The Town of Huntington (TOH) was awarded a BOA Program grant to analyze the potential for redevelopment of the TOH Parking Lot in LIRR Station Sub Area #2, located on the southwest corner of Railroad Street and New York Avenue; Rotundo site; and 1000 New York Avenue. This grant enables the Town to advance economic development and environmental improvements for the study area, while maintaining and enhancing the existing positive qualities in the Huntington Station community.

In the first phase of the Huntington Station BOA process, the TOH, TOH Economic Development Corporation, and TOH Community Development Agency contracted a consulting team to carry out activities set forth in the NYS approved workplan. The consultant team, comprised of Gannett Fleming, HR&A Advisors, Inc, and Sustainable Long Island, collected site data, examined opportunities for redevelopment, and engaged the Huntington Station community to solicit feedback on the project and potential strategies for revitalization of the study area. Building upon the work accomplished in the first phase of the BOA process, the consultant team then conducts an in-depth assessment of existing conditions and assets within the study area. The assessment includes an economic and market trends analysis to help identify reuse potential for strategic brownfield sites and determine actions for area-wide revitalization.

During the initial planning and outreach efforts of the Huntington Station BOA process, community members determined five great things about Huntington, which include: diversity, potential, transportation, quaint single family homes/community, and walkability. Community engagement will continue to be a vital element in this next phase.

Who are the consultants?

Gannett Fleming: A national leader in the brownfields industry, Gannett Fleming’s strength lies in our ability to turn brownfields challenges into innovative solutions with our approach to project planning, execution, and public involvement.

HR&A Advisors, Inc. (HR&A): HR&A is an industry-leading real estate, economic development and energy efficiency consulting firm, providing strategic advisory services for some of the most complex mixed-use, neighborhood, downtown, campus, and regional development projects across North America and abroad for over thirty years.

We at Sustainable Long Island have completed our portion of the ongoing community outreach and public participation for the Huntington Station BOA Step 2 Program. All inquiries should be directed to Gary Rozmus at Gannett Fleming at


During Step 2 of the Huntington Station BOA, the consultant team develops planning and redevelopment programs that incorporate community input received during the process, conduct environmental site assessments and economic and financial analyses, and facilitate public participation.

The consultant team conducts small group meetings with community stakeholders. These meetings are vitally important to the BOA process to gather public input about redevelopment opportunities for the BOA designated area. These small group meetings are followed up with a public meeting to facilitate public input.

Huntington Station BOA Comment Form

Huntington Station BOA Step 2 Overview

Huntington Station BOA Step 2 Overview (Spanish)

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