“Going Solar” with Level Solar

For quite some time many individuals have had mixed feelings about solar energy. On the one hand, the idea of having one’s home and lifestyle powered by the sun has a positive, innate harmony that many find attractive. On the other hand, the idea of spending $20,000 to $30,000 or more for a solar array is more than most families can afford.

Two changes over the last few years have changed this equation, and created a compelling case for solar energy.

The first change is the price of solar panels and equipment, which has fallen dramatically. Second, new business models have emerged to eliminate the upfront cost of going solar. Our event sponsor, Level Solar, implements these changes to make going solar much easier and affordable than ever before.

Level Solar has a unique business model: They install solar panels on homeowner roofs for free. The solar panels generate 100% clean electricity. This clean electricity replaces the majority of electricity from your utility. Level Solar sells this clean electricity for less than what the homeowner currently pays. This enables homeowners to transition to solar energy at no cost, and save money immediately.

The homeowner shifts from receiving one large bill from the utility to receiving two bills: one smaller bill from the utility, and a second bill from Level Solar. The sum of these two bills is lower than the current bill. Depending on the size and orientation of the home, Level Solar customers save between $250-$1,000 per year.

The environmental impact is also large and immediate. A typical solar array saves over 9,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the environment each year. Over the lifetime of the solar panels-typically thirty years-one single solar installation prevents over a quarter of a million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the environment, a staggering amount. In fact, as an individual or family, there is no single action you can take that has a larger, more positive impact on the environment than installing solar panels on your roof.


With zero upfront cost, immediate savings, and a large, positive environmental impact, there is no better time to transition to solar energy. Sustainable Long Island’s Executive Director Amy Engel made the switch a few weeks ago and already is reaping the benefits. Below are interviews with two families – the Stephensons and the DiPiettos – both of whom worked with Level Solar to save money and help the environment, in an easy, affordable way:

How did you become interested in solar energy/power?

I thought solar was a good idea before, but we couldn’t do it. Solar energy has been out of reach for many years due to the cost. Level Solar knocked on the door and we liked their offering, especially because it was free. – The Stephensons

The president of the company I worked for went solar about 14 years ago. He was entered into a raffle with LIPA where they picked 10 people to receive free rooftop solar. I became very interested then. It was amazing how much his bill changed. – The DiPiettos

What helped you determine that “going solar” was right for you? With so many other solar companies available, what made you choose Level Solar?

With Level Solar going solar was free and it is saving us money. Also, there was nothing tricky with the paperwork. – The Stephensons

I’ve been in the environmental industry for 16 years so renewable energy was something that intrigued me. I chose Level Solar because they are a local company. From the very start they make you feel like family. It was never a sale with them. They were extremely knowledgeable and walked me through the process step by step. They made me feel comfortable. – The DiPiettos

How did you find the paperwork/approval process for “going solar?” Please explain any steps that were involved.

It was not complicated at all; it was simple and to the point. Everything was on the up and up, there was no fine print or hidden fees. We didn’t do anything for permitting; Level Solar did all the hard work. – The Stephensons

The process couldn’t have been easier. My Solar Consultant gave me LIPA documents to sign as well as municipal documents. Once I signed the rest was done for me. Level Solar obtained and paid for everything.They secured my building permit and scheduled all the necessary inspections to get my system installed and connected. The town conducted a final inspection and issued me a Certificate of Occupancy. – The DiPiettos

What benefits have you experienced or anticipate experiencing as a result of “going solar?”

For us the biggest benefit is the savings. Second to that was going green. – The Stephensons

Not only am I saving money and doing my part to help rectify a global issue, I also became part of the wonderful Level Solar family. Any time someone I know has questions, the team at Level Solar is always there to help. – The DiPiettos

Would you recommend “going solar” to the average homeowner? If so, why?

Yes! With Level Solar it was free and we are saving money!  I think the solar panels look neat, we are doing the right thing, and if the wife is happy, I’m happy! – The Stephensons

Absolutely. If you have a good roof for solar there is no reason not to go solar. Just be selective about which company you choose. With the right company, solar costs you nothing, saves you money and helps the environment. – The DiPiettos

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