In the Region (NY Times Article): From Convertibles to Rentals

♦ An article in Sunday’s (8/21/11) New York Times discusses vacant car dealerships and some of the efforts on Long Island to redevelop them. Sustainable Long Island is mentioned (highlights the $45,000 Citi grant) and quoted on this issue! Read the full article below:


Sustainable Long Island holds premiere screening of documentary “Suburban America: Problems & Promise”

♦ (via Newsday) Sustainable Long Island held a premiere screening of a local filmmaker’s documentary, “Suburban America: Problems & Promise,” which traces the roots of suburbia.

The film starts with suburbia’s early days offering a respite for returning veterans seeking affordable homes to its current status now as a politically-strong, though hard to define home […]

First Look For The First Suburb

Set in a wide array of suburbs and metropolitan areas around the United States,”Suburban America: Problems & Promise” presents a dynamic and thought-provoking exploration of suburbia, including its genesis and history, its dramatic political and social changes, as well as its developmental challenges and sustainable solutions. Produced & Directed by Emmy®-winning filmmaker Ron Rudaitis, […]

Privatizing LI Bus (Response to Cablevision Editorial)

♦ Another Cablevision Editorial on privatizing LI Bus. Read the full article below followed by Sustainable Long Island’s short response: